A Joint Letter From:

Andrew Wisdom | Chair, Board of Directors

and Warner Thomas | President and Chief Executive Officer

To Our Stakeholders:

In 2018, Ochsner Health System wrote a powerful chapter in our 77-year story of innovating healthcare in ways that change and save lives. It was a year of remarkable impact for the 811,000 patients from all 50 states and 70 countries who trusted us with their care. A year built upon the contributions of our dedicated physicians, clinicians and administrative staff, generous donors and committed volunteers, community hospitals and government partners – and many more. Together our work delivered new and expanded facilities, partnerships to benefit more patients across the Gulf South and initiatives to keep Louisiana families well and improve health for the communities we serve.

Ours is a proud heritage – a physician-founded organization that has put the well-being of people – our patients and our workforce – at the center of every decision we make. With 25,000 employees, 1,300 group practice physicians and more than 3,200 affiliated physicians across our state, it is these women and men who fuel the energy, the momentum, the compassion and the innovation around our exceptional organization.

Across the Gulf South, the incidence of cancer, chronic disease and overall measures of health are not where we want them to be – and Ochsner is tackling the challenge. In 2018, we continued our strategic transformation from a healthcare system to a system that delivers health. It’s an important distinction, and it starts with going beyond treating disease to caring for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. We’re bringing it to life across our system through innovations and initiatives that make a difference for people of all ages, including:

"It is only through our outstanding team that we continue to set the bar for world-class care, world-class academics and workforce development, and a world-class commitment to the communities we serve."
Ochsner Medical Center – North Shore Neurosurgeon Ilias Caralopoulos,MD
  • New child-focused programs like the Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development, the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Louisiana at Ochsner Baptist and the incredible outcomes being achieved through neonatal heart surgeries and our congenital heart program;

  • Predictive and targeted treatments offered through our Precision Cancer Therapies Program, community cancer screenings and education to help patients adopt lifestyle changes and preventive measures;

  • Digital medicine and artificial intelligence (AI) programs that are shaping the future of patient-centered care, allowing patients to virtually manage chronic hypertension and diabetes and care teams to detect health patterns in real time;

  • Expanded investments in academics and research to train the healthcare professionals of tomorrow through our tuition-free MA Now medical assistant programs, the University of Queensland – Ochsner Clinical School, top-ranked hospital residencies and our educational alliance with the Chamberlain College of Nursing at Ochsner Health System;

  • And, a focus on improving community health outcomes and bringing world-class care closer to home through a groundbreaking partnership between Ochsner, the state of Louisiana and Louisiana State University to create Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport.

Of course, it is only through our outstanding team that we continue to set the bar for world-class care, world-class academics and workforce development, and a world-class commitment to the communities we serve. Leaving our state and our communities better for future generations is a goal that unites the Ochsner Health System family who serve others through a mission to change and save lives.

We are extremely proud of Ochsner’s progress in 2018 and far more excited about what lies ahead. Supported by our patients, our partners and the Ochsner professionals who deliver the best of themselves every day, we look forward to writing new chapters in Ochsner’s story of patient-centered care.

Andrew Wisdom
Chair, Board of Directors
Ochsner Health System

Warner L. Thomas
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ochsner Health System