A Place for Women's Health

Elizabeth Lapeyre, MD
OB/GYN at Ochsner Baptist and Founder of the Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center
Elizabeth Lapeyre, MD
Patients Giselle and Jason Dussel

Between pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, not to mention the challenges and stressors of daily life, women face an array of unique health concerns. They need healthcare providers who can offer long-term support focused not only on their physical health, but also their emotional well-being. The Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center at Ochsner Baptist was designed to offer exactly that, and to provide long-term wellness care for cancer survivors. A gift of $500,000 for initial funding came from the Brees Dream Foundation, which is partnering with Ochsner with a goal to raise a total of $2.3 million to support the center. “The Center is the first of its kind for the region and, together, we can transform the lives of the important women in our lives – mothers, sisters and daughters,” said founder Drew Brees.

The center was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Lapeyre, an OB/GYN at Ochsner Baptist. She explains why the facility was created and what makes it so special.

What drove you to start such a comprehensive center for women?

More and more women were coming to their yearly well-woman exams and they were not well. These women need more time than what is typically allotted in a busy clinic. They also need providers who have additional resources to offer them.

What types of services does the Women’s Wellness and Survivorship Center offer?

The care team here is focused on women’s overall health as they navigate both cancer and everyday health concerns from young adulthood through natural aging. A few of the services include:

  • Genetic screening and testing
  • Cardiovascular disease risk assessment
  • Personalized menopausal and perimenopausal treatment
  • Fertility counseling for patients prior to cancer treatment
  • Bone health management
  • Symptom management for cancer patients
  • Stress-reduction therapies
  • Nutrition and weight management resources
  • Consultation for previvors who carry an increased cancer risk

Not only does the center provide these services and more, but we also have a nurse navigator whose main goal is to help patients navigate our large system, ensuring they are referred to the correct doctor and department based on their health issues. Connecting patients to the right physician at the right time is an important factor for a positive experience.

What are the future plans for the center?

We plan to expand into a larger space and offer additional services such as a health coach, social worker and alternative therapy such as acupuncture. We also hope to do more community outreach to educate women about wellness and how to attain it.