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Advancing Progress and Possibilities for a Healthier Future

The Daily Connection:
Deeper Engagement Drives Improved
Quality and Safety

What is one of the most useful strategies for enhancing quality and safety? Engage frontline staff directly and regularly, so leaders can respond to critical issues in real time.

Participants in The Daily Connection include clinical professionals up through executive leadership to solve challenges in real time.

Teamwork is a core value at Ochsner — and its foundation is effective communication throughout our organization. With that in mind, in 2018 we launched the Daily Connection, a series of escalating huddles within our clinical departments that bring key quality, safety and operational challenges from the frontlines to campus and executive leadership.

A year after the Daily Connection’s implementation, it’s clear that it has profoundly improved the way we address and resolve the unavoidable operational challenges of a complex organization. The commitment of our frontline staff to identify and escalate these challenges each morning transformed our ability to solve them, and to respond to more critical issues in real time. The huddles create a line of communication that gives leaders across the system better visibility into the day-to-day roadblocks that impact employees’ ability to perform effectively. We are also able to flag safety and service issues before they become problematic.

The insights gained from this initiative have translated into process improvements like contracting a new lab courier vendor after experiencing process delays and replacing Interventional Radiology equipment due to frequent down time. It’s also led to approximately $5 million in significant new investments over just the first year, including new radiology and sterile processing equipment, equipment repairs, new supplier relationships and improved building maintenance, among others.

By harnessing the insights and recommendations for improvement of frontline personnel, The Daily Connection is making a real difference in achieving our goals for quality, safety and patient satisfaction.