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Advancing Progress and Possibilities for a Healthier Future

Ochsner Health and Rush Health Systems

Using data and technology
to power patient care.

Ochsner Health and Rush Health Systems announce a strategic partnership designed to enhance local healthcare services.

Ochsner is nationally recognized for the depth and breadth of our operational innovations. In 2019 we took another step to leverage these robust capabilities on behalf of an important strategic partner. Our agreement with Rush Health Systems, the largest, most diverse healthcare system in East Mississippi and West Alabama, enhances local services through innovation and technology for patients and providers in the region.

The partnership provides for implementation of the best-in-class electronic health information software, Epic, as well as Ochsner’s comprehensive telemedicine capabilities. Epic coordinates care for patients across Rush Health Systems and allows patients to have better access to their own health information through Epic’s patient portal, MyChart.

The collaboration is yet another step in a partnership between Rush and Ochsner that began in 2018, when all seven hospitals within Rush implemented Ochsner’s TeleStroke program, providing expert neurovascular care coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. TeleStroke allows nurses and physicians at Rush facilities to consult immediately with Ochsner vascular neurologists, using telemedicine equipment, to determine the best treatment options for stroke patients.

Moving forward, we continue to work together to expand telehealth programs at Rush facilities, as well as provide Ochsner’s digital health offerings which will allow Rush patients to manage chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes from the comfort of their own homes.